“Lead with Purpose, Inspired By Trust, and Contribute to Development.”


We started our business 6 years ago, and it has been a great and rewarding adventure.  To translate our gratefulness to all our customers’ trust and confidence, we have decided to take steps of “giving back” by joining RJC’s certification as trader and service provider for the Watch Industry.

Today, we are particularly proud to announce that we have passed the certification of RJC.  Rather than an mere end of seemingly endless preparation, documentations, and verification, it is a start to make our commitments more tangible, and to practice and to promote the “right” values in a more organisational fashion.

Not only to ourself, we are actively endorsing and articulating our suppliers in China to strengthen their efforts and commitments of equal opportunity, fair treatment to workers,  safe and healthy working conditions, environmental sustainability, and they are bringing this set of guidance to their business partners too, while making sure they are sourcing materials with care and responsibilities.

We are glad that, thru the commercial activities and keen interests, together with your continuous support, we are making the world a better place step by step.

Yours Faithfully,

  HGH and TEAM